Indiegogo was also READY TO PARTY!!!

Indiegogo was also READY TO PARTY!!!

Ready to Party campaign lived on on Indiegogo too. Shout out to everyone who backed our campaign there - THANK YOU!!! You guys rock!

We reached our goal and are excited to be launching the official site for all things Return of the Living Dead. It will be the official home for Return news, updates on NEW projects, cool stuff UNEEDA have or know about, and to find out what Tarman is up to! #morebrains

Below are some of the highlights of the INDIEGOGO CAMPAIGN if you're curious as to how we got HERE:

Chef Tarman's Spicy Bourbon BBQ Sauce
Chef Tarman's Spicy Bourbon BBQ Sauce
Great for Grillin' & Good on Brains!
Tales from Trioxin
Tales from Trioxin
Wanna Party???

 Do you Wanna Party?


Chef Tarman


King Tarman

Kong ain't got nothing on Tarman 


Half Lady Glows Best

Take a Half Day GLOWS!!!


Hologram Sticker

We definitely WANT to Party - so much more to come! #morebrains


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  • Guilli Munster

    I love the torso zombie shirt!

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