Ready to Party! Thank you Kickstarter Backers!!!

Ready to Party! Thank you Kickstarter Backers!!!

We just wanted to THANK all the fans that helped support/back/share this Kickstarter and the goal of launching the official site for all things Return of the Living Dead. WE DID IT!

We're very excited to be making this site live!!! It will be the official home for Return news, updates on NEW projects, cool stuff UNEEDA have or know about, and to find out what Tarman is up to! #morebrains

Below is the Kickstarter campaign if you're curious as to how we got HERE:


Do you want to see Return of the Living Dead - return? You can be a part of it! ACT NOW!!!

  • For almost 15 years, since the release of the 5th film, your favorite brain-craving living dead have been (seemingly) buried
  • The original rights holders and Wolsh have been slowly digging Return up towards a new fan site with awesome officially licensed merchandise from great artists such as Gary Pullin AKA Ghoulish (more coming),  new media ventures (big announcements coming soon), and a new film... (we'll let that sink in - a NEW Return film is coming in 2023)

UNEEDA Workplace Hazards 18"x24" Glow-In-The-Dark Print 

But this Kickstarter isn't for a new film - it's to help us launch the official Return fan site

  • We're creating the ultimate fan site at (we own it/it'll be live very soon): A place for merchandise, latest Return news, reboot updates, and other cool opportunities
  • Want to stay in the know? You can! The official Return website will be the best place for all the juicy updates as we gear up production on the new film
  • We'll post filming updates, casting announcements,  and a first look at cool stuff before it's public - we want to pull back the curtain, so to speak, for the true die-hard fans

Tales From Trioxin 9"x12" Print by Theater Of Creeps 

This Kickstarter/the REWARDS are meant to give you a taste (that maybe you'll need BBQ sauce for)

  • A taste of the cool types of merchandise/prints/collectibles we want to offer fans 
  • A taste of the amazing artists we want to be able to get into the fold 
  • And, of course, a taste of Chef Tarman's Spicy Bourbon BBQ sauce - "Great for Grillin' Good on Brains" 

What happens if the Kickstarter is successful?

  • We'll hire more incredible artists and bring on awesome collaborators to create new designs for prints, apparel, accessories, and much more
  • All the backers will be invited to subscribe to the Return site (great for you and great for us - looking forward to sharing and receiving feedback)
  • We'll be able to build out the features on the official Return site to bring even more great content and interactions between fans and creators (we have so many ideas)
  • If the Kickstarter goes really well, we'll hire more full time staff to run the site - so by being a backer you're a job creator too!

UNEEDA Workplace Hazards 18"x24" Print

Whether you become backer or not, know that we REALLY appreciate all the Return fans out there

  • Chris Fox's father, the late Tom Fox, produced all the Return films - though, sadly, Tom passed away prior to the last film's release and the franchise has mostly lied dormant until recently
  • Over the past 5 years, filmmaker Steve Wolsh and Chris Fox have been digging up this awesome franchise, along with the support of amazing Return fans, and it's taken a lot of work just to get to this point: having the public Return of the Living Dead Facebook page cooking (100K and growing), cool merchandise out there, many projects brewing, the website up and running, and a new film in the works 
  • If there are three things you should know: Return is coming back from the dead, we're very committed to idea of sharing the journey with the fans, and we are definitely ready to party....

Take a Half Day glow-in-the-dark shirt by Gary Pullin


Take a Half Day glow-in-the-dark design by Gary Pullin


Kong ain't got nothin' on Tarman! shirt by Kevin Loesch


Kong ain't got nothin' on Tarman! design by Kevin Loesch


Chef Tarman shirt


Chef Tarman design


Do you wanna party? shirt by Gary Pullin


Do you wanna party? design by Gary Pullin


Tales from Trioxin shirt by Theater of Creeps


Tales From Trioxin Shirt by Theater Of Creeps


Enamel pins designed by Gary Pullin


Chef Tarman's Spicy Bourbon BBQ Sauce


"Do you wanna party?" 5"x4" Hologram Sticker



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  • Mike Beam

    I would like to be involved.This is my favorite movie of all time.I just stumbled on this site.How can I sign up for news and purchase stuff?

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