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Thank you for wanting More Brains! Your support gets you access to the first look at the new Return of the Living Dead film as we make it! This will be a "HARD R" dark comedy/horror with NO CGI. We will utilize only practical effects for all the zombies, gore, and the snow with help from some of the best SFX artists in the business. 

Brain Freeze is a brand new unrated adventure featuring Tarman doing what he does best. Your support will directly help create the costume used for this short scene and Return of the Living Dead (2025). Here's what you'll receive with this option: 

FIRST LOOK + FREE BTS Content Pack includes: 

  • You'll see Brain Freeze, a NEW unrated Tarman scene BEFORE ANYONE!
  • You'll get to "meet" the actor we've cast as Tarman before the information is available anywhere!
  • You'll be able to download a FREE BTS Content Pack that includes BTS, Set Photos, and more to keep.
  • You'll be invited to access interviews, BTS, Set Photos, and more content with cast and crew from past and present!
  • Many of these Digital "DVD Extras" will be released in real time, so you can follow along as we make Brain Freeze and the new Return of the Living Dead! 
  • Brain Freeze will be roughly 12 minutes - HD unrated*
  • Timing: We aim to shoot this in April and we expect to have it done by July 3rd**, you'll see the full unrated version before anyone else!
  • The content of this scene will not contain major spoilers for the final feature film.  

Brain Freeze will feature a more realistic, scarier Tarman on the attack during a blizzard circa 1985. Tarman has been cast, and the great Tony Gardner and his team at his award winning SFX shop Alterian Ghost Factory are busy working on the new Tarman as we speak.

*The full format and watch platform are TBD as we work to ensure you get the best viewing experience. ​

​**While these production dates are estimates, we guarantee that you will see the full unrated scene before anyone else. Physical reward ETA's are slated for April (2024), with digital reward ETA's set as Summer 2024.

Your support is immediately and directly going to fund project Brain Freeze, substitutions, coupons, discounts, exchanges or refunds are not available.  

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